Tonight we played a quick game of Early American Chrononauts, and a 5-player game of Power Grid with the Central Europe map.

  • Dana won Early American Chrononauts.
  • Craig won Power Grid, with Dave and Dana more-or-less tied for 2nd/3rd, followed by Tony and Fuzz.

This was our first time playing the Central Europe map -- it was a complex game because we had randomly picked Slovakia as the missing province, which seriously crimped everyone's plans. Plant distribution was very weird -- all of the good (ie: mid-to-expensive) plants came out early, but we didn't get to Step 3. Coal was cheap and plentiful (expected); surprisingly, so was Uranium -- at one point Uranium was the cheapest resource, even with two players grabbing it. Trash quickly became the most expensive resource.

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Sallie, Dave and Tony Montuori, Dana Leader, and John McMahon.

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