Some updates on EuroQuest V:

  • I am definitely going to be refereeing the Power Grid tournament, with Kathy Stroh assisting.
  • The schedule is now online; Power Grid will have one heat Friday evening, two more heats Saturday, with the semi-finals Saturday evening and the finals Sunday morning.
  • The hot, new, full tournament game is Imperial.
  • The current games for the Wild Card tournament are: Age of Empires III, Alhambra, Blue Moon City, Can't Stop, Carcassonne, Leonardo da Vinci, Lost Cities, Louis XIV, Notre Dame, Pillars of the Earth, San Juan, Traumfabrik/Hollywood Blockbuster, Vegas Showdown, Yspahan, the best new game from Essen 2007, and one more to be named November 1st.
  • The Days Hotel room block is almost full; the convention rate of $79/night is significantly better than local rates, so book your room fast!
  • Pre-registration will end on November 1st, so save yourself $10 and pre-register.

So if you're not doing anything for Veteran's Day weekend, come to Timonium and play games!

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