Tonight we played Power Grid using the "Green Power Grid" variant that we've been toying with.  With 4 players, the goal  was set at 20 cities.  We played on the Benelux map which sped things up a bit, and while things were cramped (we used 28 cities instead of the recommended 32), the play was pretty good, up until the end.  At the end only Dave and Craig could power 20 cities, John could power 18, and Tony was way behind.  Dave came out ahead on money, for the win.

During post game analysis, we concluded that we needed to add an additional 7-plant, and reduce the goal to 18 cities to make the variant fair -- given enough money, every player should be able to power all of the required cities, and maybe one or two more.

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Tony and Dave Montuori, and John McMahon.

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