Tonight we played Betrayal at House on the Hill and San Juan:

  • In Betrayal at House on the Hill, John betrayed us to assist Dracula and his bride.  Tony and Dave were quickly turned, Dave killed Eric, and after a brave fight, Craig was overwhelmed and turned, allowing the dark forces to win.
  • In San Juan, Fuzz buried us with production buildings (35), beating Tony's monumental architecture (33), Dave's crammed chapel (28), and Craig's pitiful plantation (17).

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Eric Kervina, Dave, Sallie, and Tony Montuori, and John McMahon.

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  1. Wow -- the things you miss by having a sudden urge to nap! I had no idea y'all had finished up Errata at the House on the Hill soon enough to have another game, all ended before I awoke!

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