Tonight we played Cineplexity and Puerto Rico.

  • Craig and Blaise dominated Cineplexity, with 3 wins for Craig and 2 wins for Blaise.
  • Craig won Puerto Rico with 73 points, followed by Tony (62), Dave (53), and Shaune (38). All three possible end-game conditions were met in the last round: Tony exhausted the victory points, Shaune exhausted the colonists, and Dave and Craig each filled their cities with buildings. Craig and Dave built Factories, Tony and Craig built Harbors. Dave and Craig each built two large buildings. Tony started pursuing a Factory strategy, but switched to a Corn strategy when he was shut out of buying a factory.

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Rachel and Jim “Blaise” Trigg, Shaune Lee, and Dave and Tony Montuori.

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