Tonight we played Power Grid: EnBW.

  • Craig won Power Grid: EnBW with 12 cities powered, followed by John (9/161), Dave (9/141), Tony (8/278), and Shaune (7/199).

Attendees:  Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Shaune Lee, Tony, Dave, and Sallie Montuori, and John "Fuzzface" McMahon.

One Response to “Play Report -- March 2nd, 2009”
  1. We oopsed during the game... among the EnBW rules changes:

    * Power plants are not removed from the actual market due to someone connecting more cities than what the plants number is.

    So we should not have removed the 03 plant from the game when people built their third city. That would have made things even weirder given the order in which the power plants came out.

    Dave M.

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