Thursday's games started early (9am) and I woke up late (8:15am).  Carrie helped me rush around to get ready, and even get breakfast before gaming.

  • 9am, Vegas Showdown (VSD) Heat 2 of 2, 4th of 4. I dominated in people and money, with beaucoup bucks, but just didn't have the  fame.
  • 11am, Power Grid (PGD), Heat 3 of 3, 3rd of 5 on the Italy map.
  • 2pm, Dominion (DOM), Heat 1 of 3, won.

Met up with Carrie and Cathy Raymond, and taught Cathy (and some kid named Max) how to play Dominion.

At 9pm, Carrie and I went out to dinner at Perkins with Eric and Cathy Raymond, Ken "Burnsy" Burnsides, Ken Watanabe, and Jordan Malokowski.  Afterwards, we played a couple of 6-player games of Race for the Galaxy.

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