Friday started off more relaxed, so Carrie and I were able to get a leisurely breakfast and stroll through the dealers room before gaming commenced.

  • 11am, Dominion (DOM), Heat 2 of 3, 3rd of 4?
  • 2pm, RoboRally (RRY), Heat 2 of 2, 4th of 5.  Yeah, I lost, but I never died, and I had a lot of fun.  The game was set up with 2 boards and 3 flags, so that the start and flag 2 were at one side of board 1, and flags 1 and 3 were at the other side of board 2.  At one point, I was so far behind that I was just leaving flag 1 while the leader was approaching flag 3.  I deduced that he was going to take advantage of a certain conveyor belt.  I changed my program so that I met him as he left the conveyor belt, then proceeded to push him back up the conveyor belt, shooting him the whole way ... with ramming gear.  I did 8 points of damage to him, and someone else shot him in the back for one more point.  He ended the turn with all 5 registers locked ... and I finished him off the next phase with the ramming gear.
  • 4pm, Puerto Rico (PRO), Heat 2 of 3, 3rd of 4.  This was a close game; I made a mistake and Mayor'd when I should have shipped (I miscalculated the value of my shipping).  I ran a factory where I was producing 3 sugar, 4 corn, and 1 indigo, feeding either the corn or the sugar to my wharf.  A lot of fun.

Carrie and I met up with Paula and Dave Matuszek for dinner at Perkins, then we taught them how to play Dominion.

Afterwards, I met up with Eric, Cathy, and Jordan, and they taught me Maori, which should be a fun game for Ludus.

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