Much like Friday, Saturday started at a sedate pace.  Carrie and I had breakfast, then I headed down to game, then Carrie went to spend the day with Beth and Diana.

  • 11am, Puerto Rico (PRO), Heat 3 of 3, won (in fact a tie for first place).  This win plus the earlier one earned me a bye for the quarter finals.
  • 1pm, Race for the Galaxy (RFG), Heat 3 of 4, won.
  • 2pm, Race for the Galaxy (RFG), Heat 4 of 4, 2nd place.  Collectively, close, but not close enough to make the semi-finals.
  • 3pm, Dominion (DOM), Heat 3 of 3, third place of 4.  Collectively, not enough to make the semi-finals.
  • 4pm, Ticket to Ride (TTR), Heat 3 of 3, lost.

At this point, I went out for a quick muffin and hotch with Eric and Cathy Raymond.

  • 6pm, Puerto Rico (PRO), Quarter finals, third place of 4.  I had earned a bye for this round, but chose not to take it as a favor to the GM (he needed one more player to round out the game).  This ultimately wiped me out of the competition, but I was in the mood to play, and I played well -- just not well enough.

Carrie came back, so we went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel with Eric and Cathy.  I hung out to see who would go to the Race for the Galaxy semi-finals (Cathy Raymond and Ken "Burnsy" Burnside did, Kathy Stroh and I didn't), then socialized for a while, before heading back to the room.

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