Carrie and I got up, packed everything out to the car, and then went to check on the Puerto Rico semi-finals along with Cathy Raymond.  Cathy didn't make the semi-finals, but Eric made the semi-finals for Monsters Menace America.  Carrie and I went to breakfast at Perkins, nicely beating the after-church rush.

We went back to the hotel to check out, reserve a room for next year, and socialize.  Carrie helped Ken "Burnsy" Burnside organize his demonstration pieces-parts while I sat down with Eric and Cathy and learned how to play Steam, which is a simplified version of Railroad Tycoon (which itself was a simplified version of Age of Steam).

Eventually we went out to Jennie's Diner for lunch with Eric and Cathy, then with a quick stop back at the hotel, drove home to Sterling.

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