What: Ludus is a weekly gaming night at Unicorn's Rest.
Where: Unicorn's Rest, 101 Forest Ridge Drive, Sterling, VA 20164, 703-736-0023.
When: Monday nights, ~6:00-11:00pm.
Why: Because it's a fun way to spend an evening!
Mail List: ludus@unicornsrest.org or Ludus.

Ludus originally started at Chez McMahon, then rotated among several locations, and finally settled at Unicorn's Rest in 1998. We play a wide variety of games (board games, card games, word games) -- feel free to bring something to play. We encourage people to bring their dinner and socialize before gaming.

General Information

Feel free to show up when you can -- we're not super fussy. Bring your dinner if you want. Bring games that you'd like to play, or choose something you'd like to play from the games closet. We like crunchy (strategy) and fluffy (fun) games, or you can just come to hang out and socialize!

Driving Directions

Google Maps or

Take I-95 to I-495 (Washington Beltway) to exit 45A west, The Dulles Toll Road.
Take the Dulles Toll Road to exit 9B, route 28 north (toll = 75¢ + 50¢).
At the second intersection, turn right onto route 846, Sterling Boulevard.
At the fourth traffic light, turn right (again) onto East Maple.
At the fifth intersection, turn right onto South Fillmore.
Proceed through the first intersection (a 3-way stop)
and to the second intersection (also a 3-way stop)
which will bring you to Forest Ridge Drive.

Our house (a gray two-story house with a two-car garage and a large tree in the front yard) is across the intersection, to your right. Either park in our driveway, along the street, or at the Forest Grove Elementary School. Do not park in the intersection -- the deputies will ticket your car!

Why call it Ludus?

Ludus is a Latin word meaning either school or game. Gladiators like Spartacus were taught to fight by people called lanistae in a ludus and then the game at which they fought was also a ludus. The plural of ludus is ludi. The Ludi were important occasions for entertainment in Roman society.

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