Khronos box

In this game, you play a powerful lord and his faithful companion engaged in a fight for influence throughout time. The game proceeds simultaneously over three different periods. You start the game in the Age of Might. With 4 action cards in hand per turn, you have seven turns in which to develop your domains by building various types of military, civil and religious buildings. Depending on their size, certain buildings are shadowed in time, which means that they are copied to the same place in the Age of Faith and in the Age of Reason, in ruins for military and religious buildings (castles, abbeys…)

Thanks to the watch makers' invention and with enough money, you can make your two adventurer pawns travel in time… Because if the construction of certain buildings can be profitable, taking over domains on the various boards is essential since it will allow you to earn bonuses on the 4th and 7th turns and to move ahead of your opponents.

On the 4th and 7th turns, each controlled domain generates profits for the players depending on the board. In the Age of Might, a player who controls a domain militarily, i.e. the one with the biggest military building, will receive the value of the civil buildings in this domain in profits. In the Age of Faith, it is the religious control which will be taken into account. In the Age of Reason, the players who have best populated the civil buildings and restored the ruins will secure the best profits.

The possibility of destroying and regrouping buildings to unite or divide domains provides a strong and permanent level of interaction between the players.

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