Power Grid: Power Plant Deck 2

Power Grid: Power Plant Deck 2 box

This deck is a complete set of power plant cards that can be used:

  • in place of the original deck
  • paired with the original deck (to make for an unpredictable mix)
  • cards added to the original deck (to make the game as long as "Funkenschlag", game will end at 20 cities)
  • in custom mixture of the two decks (to create specialized decks) with any maps.

This set of cards has green borders to distinguish them easily from the original set of power plant cards.

Variant 1: Power Grid with the new power plant deckUse power plants 1-8 as the starting market. Set power plant 11 aside. Shuffle plants 9-50 (discarding 4 or 8 plants as necessary). Place the »Step 3« card at the bottom of the deck, and place power plant 11 at the top of the deck (unless playing France, in which case power plant 11 is unused).

Variant 2: Power Grid with both power plant decks (variable plant configurations)
Remove power plants 17, 18, and the »Step 3« cards from the old deck from the game. Remove power plants 52, 54, 57, and 60 from the new deck from the game. When preparing the deck, take power plants 1-8 from both decks and shuffle them together (14 cards). Now draw power plant cards one at a time. In each case, remove the first power plant of each number and place it next to the game board in a separate area for unused power plants. Place the second power plant of each number into the market (in two rows with the numbers in sequential order). Never remove power plants 1 and 2 as there is only one of each.Remove the »Step 3« card. Shuffle the remaining power plant cards and place them face down as a draw deck. Finally, place the »Step 3« card face down at the bottom of the deck.Depending on the number of players (as in the base game), remove a certain number of power plants from the game. For each plant to be removed, draw a card from the plant deck, and check to see if that plant number is in the unused plant area. If not, place it there and redraw. If it is there, place with its match. Repeat until you have drawn the correct number of matched pairs.During the game, whenever a plant is drawn, check to see if that plant number is in the unused plant area. If not, place it there and redraw, repeating until you draw a plant that already exists in the unused area -- use that plant and stop.Every time you remove a power plant from the game (because they are too small or a player gets his fourth power plant), place it into the separate area for unused power plants.

Variant 3: Power Grid+ with a big power plant deckUse all the old power plant cards and add the new power plant cards numbered 46, 50, 52, 54, 7, and 60 to this deck.Prepare the power plant deck and market as explained in the basic rules. In this bigger power plant deck, the power plant cards 46 and 50 are in the deck twice. Always consider the new power plant with a + as the larger when deciding where to place it in the power plant market.
Depending on the number of players, use the following numbers:

Players Cities (total) Step 2 (Cities) Game end (Cities) Game start (removed power plants)
2 24 12 24 10
3 24 8 20 10
4 32 8 20 5
5 40 8 18 0
6 42 7 15 0

Because the region arrangement does not work for this variant, simply choose the appropriate number of connected cities and ignore the connections to unused cities.

Variant 4: Power Grid with player-created power plant decks
Of course, you can play Power Grid with a specially created power plant deck. That is, you choose one power plant of each number to get the power plant deck you prefer to play with. You can also reduce or increase the number of power plants – each change will result in a very different game of Power Grid. If you choose two power plants with the same number, you must agree beforehand on a rule, which determines which of the two power plants will be the larger one in the market.Additional expansions for Power Grid
Of course, you can use the new power plants with all existing expansion maps. In France, you can use more nuclear power plants and in Italy more garbage power plants. Benelux gets more oil, so you can use one or two more oil power plants and in Central Europe use more coal power plants.

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