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Tonight we played a quick game of Early American Chrononauts, and a 5-player game of Power Grid with the Central Europe map.

  • Dana won Early American Chrononauts.
  • Craig won Power Grid, with Dave and Dana more-or-less tied for 2nd/3rd, followed by Tony and Fuzz.

This was our first time playing the Central Europe map -- it was a complex game because we had randomly picked Slovakia as the missing province, which seriously crimped everyone's plans. Plant distribution was very weird -- all of the good (ie: mid-to-expensive) plants came out early, but we didn't get to Step 3. Coal was cheap and plentiful (expected); surprisingly, so was Uranium -- at one point Uranium was the cheapest resource, even with two players grabbing it. Trash quickly became the most expensive resource.

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Sallie, Dave and Tony Montuori, Dana Leader, and John McMahon.

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We expect to be hosting a normal Ludus, in spite of the holiday.

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Tonight we played 3 quick games of Chrononauts and 2 longer games of Early American Chrononauts.

  • Chrononauts: Game 1: Sallie, Game 2: Craig, Game 3: Dave.
  • Early American Chrononauts: Game 1: Dave, Game 2: Tony?

Attendees: Craig Trader and Carrie Hafer, Liska Niemczyk, Sallie, Dave and Tony Montuori, and Dana Leader.

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I thought that it might be nice to have a place to discuss Ludus, and I've been doing more with WordPress, so here we are. Let me know what you think. You'll need to have an account, but I've configured this blog to respond to OpenID, so if you have a LiveJournal account, you're all set.

If you do come in from LiveJournal, please edit your local profile and set your email and a name or nickname. If you do that, then your posts will be tagged by name instead of ''.

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